• Family Experience
  • Having kids is a reason to travel- 
never a reason to stop 🌲🤍⛰ #dullaritravel
  • Saw a few posts on social and within a few mins we were looking for hotels.

We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. 🤍 #obsessedwithyou #dullari #completelywhole #dullaritravel
  • God knows how long our body has needed some love from Mother Nature.

Isolation is no fun; I’d kill to go out to the dang store just to be out (Abdul takes care of all of that for us) & i can’t imagine what the kids are feeling.

So today, we made it happen. 
The water, the sun, the sand, the friends, the googles- 
so healing & much needed.
  • Completely live (sorry about life happening in the background). 1/2 cup lotion 
5 drops of food coloring 
1 cup corn starch
  • I haven’t posted many activities lately but this was really entertaining. Suggested by his preschool class.

If you want them entertained, you’ll like this! ABC (scavenger hunt) TRAIN.

I’ll leave it at that 😊
  • I do miss the energy of being inside the gym but i love the fact that the kids are watching us move/exercise everyday. It’s probably my fav thing about working out at-home.

Had a myself a little trainer today.
  • #NamSts Showing yo for our Business on Zoom today. #wedoherbalife
  • Workout Done! 
it’s posted in our story. I don’t care if the gym never opens again. #Dullarigym is coming alive.
  • I feel like I had a transformational quarantine... i knew that this was a very unique time for a lot of us to look in the mirror and face the things we haven’t wanted to face. ⁣
As some choose to sit in anger, I decided to dive into deep part of my myself. ⁣
I learned where i self-sabotage myself, went into deep mediations where I didn’t know things were still hindering in my subconscious mind, trained my body not to be afraid of my own silence, took lots of social media breaks, finally understand what heart and brain coherence means, I have been fully and completely present to my kids (more than I’ve ever been).
I feel completely renewed, calm, happy, whole, rewired, just different. ⁣
& the most important lesson of this time was that, No matter how long you’ve traveled in the wrong direction, you can always turn back around ✨