• It’s getting real!!
Fueling the body with foooooood and making it sweat some body fat. Teaching people how to eat and get results! Message me, ladies!
  • Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Baby on your lap type of business. Currently doing some client follow ups. 
Tonight’s our client call, so it’s a no matter what over here. #bossmomlife
  • “You can take the worlds greatest engineered software, tens and millions of dollars has gone into designing it, and if you take this worlds greatest software and install into a computer, that has a faulty operating system, what happens? 
Its buggy, it crashes, it never operates to its full potential, but the user usually makes the mistake of saying "ohhh its that crappy software! 
NO! its not the crappy software, its the crappy operating system you installed it on. 
Thats what alot of people do, when they go to A seminar, read a book, listen to a CD program, and they say "ohhh that stuff doesnt work!!" It's not the program that didn't work!

It was installed on a crappy operating system!”
Fix your operating system. 😉
  • Let’s get this Monday started right!
  • Shake partaaaaay!!!! umm.. why didn’t i think of doing this!!! So smaaaart!!!!!
And much needed gal time!
  • Happy Sunday!!!!!!!
Today is the day to realign yourself, new focus, new goals, new energy!
It’s Monday!!!!!!!!!!
  • Waiting for the plaaaane so we can get back to San Diego and hug the babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You were chosen; strategically to chosen walk the path that you’re walking, to build the business you’re building, attracting the people you’re attracting.. all strategically orchestrated.
Don’t take it lightly. Use your light, your story, your mouth to do the work you were meant to do so you can live the life you were meant to live, not the life someone tells you to live.
  • Yo!!
Old Sacramento is so cute!!!!!! Training done, exploring the city now and the back to the boys!
  • Our goal in life wasn’t to be an Herbalife distributor.. the goal was to find a vehicle that would create a lifetime of financial freedom, build something we would be proud of and be able to give the same gift to people so we weren’t the only ones winning this game.