• Moments like this melts my heart. As a kid i always waiting a remote control car. 
Now i get to buy my kids things I’ve always wanted. Today is Aidan’s birthday, but everyday is a day to celebrate. 
Whatever our kids want they can have. We worked hard for moments like this. #daddylovesyou
  • She said she couldn’t wait until we got our house. 
Which means she will doing all the cooking. ❤️❤️
  • My baby is one! We officially have a 2.5 year old and 1 year old! Ooooo snaaaaaap!
Happy bday little-little. Thank you for being such a happy baby (literally always in a good mood), thank you making us smile when we feel funky, thank you for the random kisses when you feel ya off, thank you for adoring your older brother even when he takes all@your toys.
We love you so much, Aidan!!!!!!!
  • Here we are in our office/lounge room/guest room. My little baby loves jumping on calls with mommy. 
#Bossbabe #bossmom
  • Yay!!! First thanksgiving at our new home! So excited to host! Costco run real quick.
What’s your speciality?!!
  • Monday vibes, time for school. He’s been under the weather for the past week. Woke up this morning feeling good. Dancing to coCo and singing. My baby boy ❤️
  • Aidan’s celebration. First year of life. Today was small and perfect. (Soon after this photo was taken, he was OUT cold)
  • This Sunday we celebrate our baby boy 1st Year of life.
  • Find some dope ass humans, do some dope ass ish.
  • All well in my soul.