• Did that! We did that (again). This is the type of ish that makes my soul happy. And now, hair time. Because mama needs some new hair love. ❤️
  • I basically have 5 mins to have breakfast before the littles wake up, & i make sure to use my 5 min wisely. 
Shake in silence 🙏
  • The face you make when your mama and papa bring home your first pet.. (you smile so big, you cant open your eyes)
We got a new little homie 🙃
  • We getting there y’all! We getting there. I feel 1000x much better about a whole lot of thangs! I kid you not, you’re life totally shifts when you just fuel your heart and belly with the things that just make you feel ALL TYPES OF GOOD!
& i am loving our new sweat box! Exactly what i needed my life. 
Posted a little preview of what we’ve been learning! One of the things i love the most, is that fact that i can do so much of these things at-home too & just when you think the movement is simple, there’s a twist to it 😭 
  • Clap it up one time for the real MVP.. my husband.
I (legit) could not do this parenthood thing without you!
And kudos to you, powerful humans who do!
  • It’s Tuesday! You know what that means.. me neither! 😂 it’s just another good day to be alive. Got my brain fuel shake in this am, some good ol’ sweat in, now time for a walk with my best buds.

Dark tea, porfavor.
  • It’s not always pretty. It’s hard work and many days and months of fighting temptation. 
I promised myself this time around. I will not give in or quit. But we all know that little voice inside. Is it worth it, what do i have to prove. 
I promised my sons something. And i haven’t lived up to it. 
So far this year I’ve only missed one workout. Major win! #f45ranchopenasquitos
  • Hi babe. Let me share with ya something. When i first started i was skeptical. 100%. I wasn’t on board right away. HELL NO. I was skeptical because i had never been exposed to this new level of thinking.
But here’s my truth, my belief wasn’t going to grow in unsupportive soil. That’s why it was crucial for me to surround myself with the energy of the people whose belief was bigger than mine. I had to place myself in the (at the time) uncomfortable places with the people who were going where i wanted to go...
& for the first time i felt nervous and very clear of what i could become for people [and myself], the new levels of awareness i could step into, & how i could be an agent of change for so many women who desired this freedom too.
To say that i am grateful to have over 200 humans on a Monday night [call on a video chat] excited to step into their own power through this physical and mental  transformation... understatement.
  • Here’s a tip, you don’t like veggie, drink them.

Green apple
A scoop of vanilla PDM
  • How you treat your mornings are exactly how you will treat the rest of your day!
Anyone else like to get their workout in before you start your day? Or better yet, how do you set your day up? -
PS: why do i always look like I’m 12?!!!