• Both of my pregnancies got me super lean, taking away all my muscle. Been focusing on my high macro diet and lifting by tracking both of them daily. Here’s a little booty action for ya. 

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  • “I’ve always been this way..”- the most dangerous statement if the way we’ve been isn’t getting us to where we want to be. ⁣
You know that most people are not willing to let go of the familiar because anything outside of what they know signals RED FLAGS.. Think about it- from an ancestor lenses, we were created to protect ourselves from anything new; Anything new signals danger, danger means a threat. ⁣
In order to change anything about our life, we have to literally work against our biology because our brain will try to get us out of a situation when we are presented with something new- it wants to keep us in the familiar EVEN if familiarity means keeping us fat, broke, sick, unhealthy. ⁣
Even if we want something new, we will always seek the familiar, no matter how dysfunctional, familiar is. ⁣
How to know when it’s time to dig deep? ⁣
When our soul isn’t fulfilled, that’s your message/sign. ⁣
When we a “can’t seem to get it right”, that’s a message/sign. ⁣
When something it shows up 3x, that’s a message/sign. ✨⁣ (this post may be your message/sign too!)
  • Many of you know, our morning routine is very special to us. One of them being affirmations that we’ve been doing for 2 years.  Usually we write them so he reads them when he unpacks lunch, or we listen to them via YouTube. Not to mention, its always soooo cute to hear Avi randomly say, “i am powerful..” throughout the day.

So we decided this year, no candy, no store bought cards, no balloons or flowers, today we give affirmation cards.

  • Nothing like grabbing a hot... 👇🏾 Finish the line.
  • The “who did it first challenge”
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  • Aviel voice: “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.”
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  • Sugar cravings? We cannot remove a symptom or a craving if we don’t get down to where its stems from. ⁣⁣
As weight gain or weight loss is a messenger, sugar craving is also a messenger. For many of us, we need the fruits, we need the chocolate, we need the starchy vegetables, don’t deny yourself something beneficial for your biotype and/or your thyroid- but if you keep binge eating or you keep eating too much for you liver to process and for your blood sugar- there are some things to understand about sugar...⁣⁣
We can start to ask ourselves questions about this sympton, so that we can understand & we can set ourselves free from the addiction, and actually eat sugar to enjoy it.⁣⁣
Sugar is always a sign of either not being well-nourished, meaning do I need more fats? do I need more carbs? do I need more fruits? do I need more protein? do all I need more sleep? Use it to check in with yourself- “OK so the past week what have I been eating maybe I should turn it up my protein? Carbs? Fruits?”⁣⁣
What you can do is, take a couple of days where you turn up the fats, if that doesn’t do anything for your cravings, then you take a couple days turn up the carbohydrates like rice rice or fruit and berries or maybe a bit of dried fruits. If that doesn't do anything for you, turn up the protein, see if that helps.⁣⁣
Being dehydrated or having lack of sleep, being sleep deprived also gives you sugar cravings. Have i been drinking enough water? Have I been sleeping enough?⁣⁣
Instead of feeling bad and shaming yourself on your sugar cravings- think of this as a call for you to listen to what the cravings are trying to tell you. ⁣⁣
Where do numb myself out? Where do I not want to feel my disgust? My anger? My sadness? My grief? What feeling do I need to express? What feelings do I need to sit with? Thank it for showing up! "Thank you for showing up to tell me what it is that I need to express and eat and drink and how I need more rest and all those things in my life." *CONTINUED IN COMMENTS
  • This is what a happy, healthy, meditated wife (with kids) night looks like...