• Remember you’re doing this for your family. #stayathomeparents 
No better opportunity for you to learn more from your kids.
  • What are you grateful for? Comment👇🏾I’m excited to hear these.
  • #slowdownchallenge @herbalife
  • The greatest riches are life and good health!⁣
Here’s an easy go-to if you feel energy-deprived while at home- set your clothes up up for the morning, go to bed early, wake up before your kids, & workout.⁣
Also, take a look at the food your putting in your body, they could either be working for you or against you.
  • Kidding. Kinda. 😉 ** We do not own rights to this song. @herbalife
  • How lovely is the simple fact of having a healthy body. May we honor it by moving daily, listening to it often, nourishing it with love and good food. ❤️ ⁣
Here is the workout you can do while we are safe at home.⁣
Overhead walking lunges⁣
Frog walks (i was way too low BTW)⁣
Cardio 2X 
45 sec on. 15 sec off. 25 mins total.
  • Why didnt anyone tell me Kylie’s lipgloss stains?!!!
  • I know a lot of our daily routines have changed but i am really excited to stay active with minimum equipment + healthy foods + supplements.

3 day challenge is coming to an end and starting another group on Tuesday. Message me for details. This is a no pitch, no ask, no expectations opportunity for you to see what it would be like to do a month challenge with me. ❤️
  • I saw a post on FB group the other day, a girl said she needed to make money and asked for any suggestions on what she can take on, while at home...⁣
& if you’re in network marketing you know, if you talk about your companies compensation plan, you get the side-eye...⁣
If I can shift something for you, let me do it - you just open heart.⁣ Network marketing doesn’t have to salesy or scammy, it’s also not for everyone.⁣ Network marketing is for a group of people who consciously decided to put their destiny in their own hands- somewhat scary for most. 
It’s for their hard work to become a sense of time freedom at some point. ⁣

It’s for those who are open-minded and willing to learn (and unlearn what they’ve been taught in the past) and for those who are willing to give all their little “secrets” to other people to ALSO succeed.⁣
You can thrive in network marketing and it doesn’t have to be weird. You can unapologetically make your money and have fun and be a good-ass human who leads with love,  because after all, people buy your trust before they buy from you❤️ #memories
  • Well listen.. the best project we can work on right now is, ourselves.

Imagine how much better we can come out of this quarantine if we finally dig into knowing ourselves, meditating, working out, eating healthy, listening to good podcasts, or reading a self-development book.