• These kids have been keeping me on my dang toes the last few days, so i pulled out some activities from my “pre-school” cabinet. ⁣
Here’s a fun and on-going activity to keep the littles bish with. Pulled out some markers, paper, and whatever these little fiz balls are 😝 ⁣
Enjooooooy!!! SWIPE TO IT (PS- social media detoxing for a few days. See ya soon!)⁣
  • A little reminder of what manifestation looks like (this is baby Avi). Who believes in the power of visualization and manifestation?
  • As many of you know, my content has taking a huge shift & scary as it was to be more open about it— i came To realize, it unlocked a whole lot of doors for people to start questioning the narrative of what’s been installed into our minds. ⁣
I’ve made a whole new group of friends because of willingness to NOT stay silent. I also realized, my voice has created deeper bonds with the women I already had in my life who were opened to understanding my story.⁣
One of them being, Kiara. So, we decided to share OUR truth and our process of healing our children (thought our unlearning). 4 different parts of this process and where we are NOW.⁣
  • “When you walk barefoot, free electrons are transferred from the earth into your body, and this grounding effect is one of the most potent antioxidants we know of.”⁣
The most powerful remedy for healing, my little Avi. #grounding #dullari
  • Mom Hack:
Dress up, do your hair, fix your face, & spend an hour with your mama friend & pretend you don’t have kids. Then get home, put your fav leggings on, hair back in a bun, and back to picking shit off the floor...
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  • ONE THING WE CAN ALL AGREE ON, that no matter what race, religion, gender, etc, YOU DONT GO AFTER THE CHILDREN.⁣
You don’t know the level of love [& anger], you tap into when it comes down to OUR kids?!⁣
There are some empowered parents fighting a war for their offspring, including myself. ⁣
Remember when people said, that we were doing some kind of “pyramid scheme” because we decided to do network marketing, let me share something with you, the real scheme was signed tonight by our governor.
Where there is a risk, there absolutely MUST be a choice. Yesterday, they took that away... ⁣
Miss me with that. It’s on. The fight ain’t over. ⁣
It just got started.
  • First time back in the gym together. 
Nothing like watching her booty work. #DULLARI
  • 90 Degrees let’s go to work. 
I’m on a serious Mission to close out 2019 Strong.
  • We celebrate our marriage everyday; today, we went to have breakfast at this super-trendy-IG-worthy breakfast spot.

Happy 4yrs of marriage & [almost] 7 years of dating.
Thanks for being my forever boyfriend.
#dullari por vida 🤜🏽🤛🏽 Oh and let’s kill this f’n bill. #NOONSB276