• + 3 dogs (no pictured, obvi)
But real question is, can you totally see this photo with a baby girl in it? 🎀
Because i don’t think you’re lazy. I think you just don’t have the energy. Without the energy everything seems to go slower and we then feel uninspired so we just don’t do anything.⁣⁣
Or we feel like we need 72 cups of coffee to get the energy but then crash when it comes to putting in THE energy to do something.⁣⁣
What if you had plan that worked for you without the fluff?⁣⁣
Without having you starve and/or grass forever?⁣⁣
What if your workouts actually worked because of what you fuel your body with?⁣⁣
What if you can keep eating chilaquiles and still get results?
What if you knew exactly what to eat when to eat it?⁣⁣
⁣⁣Are you going to wait for Jan 2 to start your “New Years resolution” again?⁣⁣
Been waiting a long time to release My Healthy-ish eGuide (an anti-diet guide) 😋 
Looking for 5 moms who are ready to dig into the real reason why they haven’t hit their body goal & how we can shift your eating/workouts to get your body to its peak state forever. #momoftwotoodlers
  • Pero, you don’t want to do shakes?! 😂 OK- I’ll tell you what you can eat instead so you get the same nutrients as im getting in this bad body. Ready?

Grab 5 eggs for protein, 2 small peaches for the vitamin C, 25 almonds for the vitamin E, a small apple for the fiber, cottage cheese for the calcium, cup of broccoli for the vitamin A and make sure you keep low sugar & less than 280 calories. OK?

  • They say, don’t “drink” from your own supply, but I’ma sip on this tea anyway.
  • This is how i make the boys pancakes with meal replacement shake mix vs easy to make mix with no nutritional value. Plus, my homemade topping with strawberries and blueberries. Healthy and tasty. You’re welcome.
  • Monday Morning Vibes
  • REMEMBER I POSTED ABOUT THIS SCOOTER?!!! The wheels light up, it has a seat (for when they get tired), & has the two wheels in front for better balance!!⁣ Proof that they totally love this one more than one in the back left solo.

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  • 2020 IS HERE
Technically because now we end something is how we start it.

It’s been such a beautiful year for us as a family... Detoxing from toxic thoughts (and whatever the heck else our bodies have been exposed to).
To think that last year exactly around this time, we were just wondering what was being called of us (as parents), listening to our inner guidance & taking action. 
Bring it on November ❤️ #dullari
  • Listen 🔈 Totally his personality, this heartbreaker.