• all the feels rn. s/o to @the.hem.nutrition for serving all the goods on their grand opening (today). ✨
  • Want to be super duper extra attracted to your spouse all over again and again? MEDITATE WITH THEM

#lifegoals: be with someone who is down to do all the “weird” brain primers before you meditate, then meditate, then talk about all you saw during visualization and then make out 🧘🏾‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️ 📸 @tiffanyallenphotography
  • Mom: show me your happy!
  • Started these activities for Aviel last year knowing I’d slowly transition them to Aidan.

Here’s a super easy one to do (with huge motor skills benefits)
I’m actually doing this more so for Aidan’s patience too  Anyway- enjoy!
  • You don’t know this movie, i don’t know you....
  • Switched the parents sweats for the grown-up clothes. Celebrating the close of the decade with our team gala tonight ✨ feeling all kinds of good... #dullari
  • #Flexfriday who did it better? If you select me I’ll send you a gift. 
  • Self-sabotaging yourself without realizing?? You start but don’t finish something.
Like a diet or workout program that you have a day 1 to day 30 goal but can’t seem to find the energy to finally finish it.

I think we can all agree- it happens to a lot of us. Most of us. 
There are two different mindsets
happening rn:

Type A: Using the excuse of colder weather and comfort foods to lose the grip on goals
Type B: Using this time as major leverage

Welcome all my new clients and recommitted clients. I am so proud of you for starting NOW.
  • Ever feel like “grateful”, is an understatement? ✨🙏⁣ #dullari ⁣
📸: @tiffanyallenphotography
  • HOW OLD ARE WE?! MAKING NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS THAT YOU KNOW YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK?! I’m half kidding. Only half because you know it’s true & the other half is because you know I’m not going to call you (but you know it’s true 😂) ⁣
What if every morning made up your mind about how you we’re going to show up & how to set your daily resolutions by how you handle the morning. ⁣
What if you has a foundation of how to run your day instead of REACTING to it.⁣
(RE-ACTING means acting again the same you acted the morning before...)⁣
Had my homegirl @lucyinc on this week’s podcast episode about how to set your morning up to win the day and we go into how to keep things realistic work for you so you can win day by day, instead of waiting for a new you in the new year. Take notes. It’s a lesson to be learned.⁣