• Getting a lot of messages about this!⁣
YES. We are indeed in stores around this time of the year!⁣
Sooooo remember when i told you our son wasn’t born foggy brained, he was happy, present, healthy, etc. and all the regressions happened after that check-up. What caused all of the funkiness? Did he just happen to wake up and forget all the things we had learned... #justasking

When this photo starts poppin up on the websites and stores, it’s just another reminder of how our baby boy was BORN.⁣
I have to say, we are also overly grateful for how our healing process is going. Maybe we can start modeling again. 🤗
I am soooo proud of my damn self.⁣
It’s been over 100 days of tracking my meals, having my shakes, eating according to my goals, hitting the gym, drink a gallon a day, reading 10 pages of day, & taking a progress photo (I’ve missed 3 days of those 🤷🏽‍♀️). More than 100 days of different feelings, emotions, locations, weather circumstances, mixed with motherhood, biz, and whatever the F life hits with. I broke my own record.⁣
**pats self on the back**⁣
PS- No-energy-Nancy, the plan is going to get you the results, but you GOTTA CONTINUE GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.
  • Get a lot of questions asked about tofu! Want to show you a staple to how i make my tofu. This is definitely on the spicy side (because ain’t nobody got time for to be Basic-Beth up in here). PRO TIPS: EXTRA FIRM TOFU, A MUST

  • So many things i want to do by the end of the year!!! Who says that anyway?! Most people say they are excited about the things they want to create next year.⁣⁣
Why the F wait until next year?!!! Oh & sorry not sorry If that hit you in the face (it hit you because the highest version of yourself is calling you forward). ⁣⁣
In-person events, online events, podcast episodes with some bomb interviews, body results, new biz venture, hopefully a baby soon (Ps- any tricks to getting a girl this time around, I’m game 😂)
Difference between living and being alive. ⁣
  • Need to go pee all by yourself (like without someone knocking on the door)? ⁣
If you do, well then you’ll appreciate these activities 😂 NO, BUT REALLY.. dead serious. These little activities save my life.⁣ Try this one. Office stickers, paper, pen, and/or Janga to use as a puzzle. SWIPE to see more. ⁣
Give me some feedback!
What activities you tried from what I’ve posted? ⁣
  • Have you ever been so excited & you couldn’t sleep?⁣
(I should totally be asleep right now bc these kids are knocked the f out & when toddlers are asleep you don’t know if you should shower, sleep, clean the bathroom or write a post.⁣⁣⁣)⁣ #TRUTHAF
I legit walked into day 1 & automatically wanted to cry. Like when you can’t talk because your throat is feeling some kind of way. I felt this rush in the core of my being telling me- DIOS MIO, THIS IS IT. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
⁣So I am sitting here, to honor the feeling that reminds me why i keep showing up.⁣..⁣
These in-person events changed my life 6.5 years ago & it’s thee smartest investment i have ever made in my entire life! They continue to help rewire my brain over and over again, they give me the strength to take the leap & honestly- at the end of the MF day remind me to stop being a weenie. #dontbeaweenie 
  • For whatever reason, as soon as i walked in today- i wanted to cry.⁣⁣
Look, podcast, YouTube, & IG are cool but when you’re in the room, you 100% cannot deny this type of energy. It’s strong & undeniably powerful. #paystobebrave2019
  • Who wants to a boring mom after all?!⁣
NOT I. It was bath time so i figured let them get a little messy with it today. Shaving cream & food coloring (the texture is really fun!)⁣
Although, they slipped a ton of times, they were having a blast for what lasted about 7-12mins ⁣

Do you gals even enjoy these activity posts?! 😂 #phoningafriend
  • In midst of all the chaos, the one thing I can always control is my breath.⁣
Our breath has the power to slow down our thoughts. Our thoughts can slow down our response. Our response can slow down our actions.⁣
Not taking action isn’t always a bad thing, it allows us to be present, in this very moment to absorb and feel what we forget to feel when we don’t stop just to breathe.
  • I have never been so excited about building my body TO have a baby! 😂 ⁣
The last two pregnancies took allllll my muscles (& they went to my son’s booties) so it’s time to build mine up.⁣
& i am excited to bring some girlfriends with me. Opened up a new booty challenge for October & the DM is LIT.⁣ because it’s open to all!!! #3MONTHRESULT #COMEWITH